What is CRI (Colour Rendering Index) and what does it mean for choosing filament bulbs?

In the rush to manufacture LED bulbs, most mass manufacturers forgot to ask questions about light quality – instead shouting about long lifespans and rock bottom purchase prices.

One of the factors affecting how your interiors look is the CRI (or colour-rendering index) of your lamps or bulbs. In simple terms, CRI is the ability of your bulbs to show colour naturally and in a realistic manner.

The higher the CRI, the more your fabrics and furniture, food and faces look warm and bright. With low CRIs the natural visible spectrum of light is rendered incompletely and the result is dull products and interiors.

One of the reasons why consumers have been so reluctant to give up incandescent bulbs is that they naturally have a very high CRI and so make our homes feel comfortable and “just right”.

In contrast, the introduction of LED technology saw cheap bulbs for sale with CRIs below 80. We’ve all sat in a dull reception, restaurant or cafe and inexplicably felt the ambience to be, well just “wrong”.

Often the culprit is that tell-tale “LED Look” – dirty white LED bulbs with a poor colour rendering index (CRI). All the filament LED bulbs on this website have a CRI tested to be above 80 - giving consumers and business owners the peace of mind that they are choosing energy-saving bulbs that will still deliver gorgeous interiors.

For non-filament bulbs, then SORAA LED bulbs have a unique technology and ultra high-quality build that enables them to record CRIs of 95!



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