LED Filament Bulbs - how much can you save?

Efforts to re-create the look of an Edison-type light bulb with LED technology, have redoubled in the last year due to a new EU law that banned the manufacture or import of incandescent bulbs in February 2016.

Until recently, sales of incandescent filament bulbs have dominated the market. However, with even an average-sized installation using at least 20 filament bulbs rated at 50W each, the incandescent versions result in huge energy bills and are not compatible with today’s drive to reduce energy costs.

In contrast, the LED bulbs here at Retro Bulbs use (on average) four watts of energy, and – unlike incandescent or tungsten bulbs – contain no harmful mercury. They will also last for more than 15,000 hours (most incandescent bulbs fail after 1,000 hours) meaning less waste or maintenance effort.

They also do not get warm during operation and so save on air conditioning bills and are safer to have near family and customers.

Take a look at our graphic showing how much LED bulbs can save you in comparison to incandescent filament bulbs. The pay back period for LED filament bulbs is less than a year and 10 average bulbs costs less than £20 per year to run!

Compare that with 10 energy-hungry incandescents - which can cost more than £500 in energy bills to run per year when used every day (as in a bar or restaurant). 


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