The Great Interior Design Challenge - Daniella uses LED Strips

Did you watch BBC Two’s The Great Interior Design Challenge this week? The two contestants were in Worsley, near Salford, each decorating two rooms in a mock Tudor home.

Eventual winner, Daniella, incorporated LED strips in to her scheme for a sleek, French-style sitting room. The LED strips were glued within a pelmet that hid gorgeous, sheer drapes. Once on, they gave the room a sophisticated accent.

The challenge didn’t all go smoothly, however, as Daniella failed to calculate the length of LED tape/strip needed and so was unable to add the LED strips to alcoves and bookshelves as planned.

The teams have support from a builder and decorator - but no electrician. They also have just 48 hours to complete two rooms. All this shows how quick and easy it is to add LED strips to your interior scheme.

If you want to try something similar, then our Integral LED 5M Strip and Driver Kits combine five metres of LED strip with a  40W 12V constant voltage LED driver. You can simply cut the strip to it’s desired length, glue or fix it in place and connect the strip to the driver, and the driver to a plug.

To raise your game even further, try our colour-changing (RGB) LED strips from Integral. Installed in the same way, you purchase an additional controller that allows you to pick exactly the colour accent you want.

I’ve used mine in my kitchen/family room to create atmosphere. The default colour is light purple - but I can change the colour if it’s Christmas, at parties or - just when I feel like it.


For more information on installing LED Strips, Read our Guide here.

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