Understanding Colour Temperatures


The Colour Temperature of an LED bulb is most often described in one of three colours: Warm White, Cool White and Daylight.

This colour temperature is due to the type of LED chips used . However, when choosing decorative filament bulbs the colour temperature and ambience of the bulb will be further affected by whether the bulb has an additional coating or finish.

Firstly, lets understand colour temperatures: Warm White is usually used in domestic or hospitality settings and is the colour associated with a traditional halogen bulb. If you are looking for a warm feel or to replace the ambience of a halogen bulb, then a warm white bulb is for you. Choose Warm White Bulbs for sitting rooms and bedrooms.

Cool White is a cooler white colour often associated with fluorescent tubes in commercial offices or in supermarkets. In homes, many people choose Cool White LED bulbs for their kitchens, conservatories or garages. Daylight Colour is a very white light, almost with a tinge of blue to it, and provides the very best colour rendering for hobbies, close work or many retail environments.

Daylight Colour LED bulbs work well in standard lamps or in workshops and home-offices. Very Warm White led bulbs are also available - often in retro-looking LED bulbs such as squirrel cage bulbs or visible filament LED bulbs.

Very Warm White has an almost amber glow and is ideal for creating a decorative effects and a very warm ambience. All of the retro/vintage LED bulbs featured here on Retro Bulbs has a colour temperature of at least 2200k - making them firmly warm white.

However, bulbs can also be coated in finishes (commonly gold, amber or smokey) which will reduce the colour temperature and give an even warmer feel and glowing ambience. The photograph below shows the relative finishes and how they look when lit.

Our customers buy Bell smokey bulbs to fit in with retro James Bond-type interiors. The smokey look is sophisticated and works well with today’s love of industrial-type furniture and fittings.

Bell Vintage LED ranges all offer bulbs coated with a golden or titanium tinge. Of these ranges, all bulbs from the Bell range are very golden, as are the Integral Sunset Vintage

For more information or guidance on choosing the right retro filament bulbs, please call our Customer Services Team - they will be delighted to help.