Choosing LED Strips


Read our guide to selecting exactly the right Integral LED Strip for your project.


When selecting a location remember that the surface needs to be stable and clean - otherwise the adhesive will not work. So, for example, if you’re mounting LED Strips on a kitchen kick-board, give it a good wash first and ensure it is perfectly dry afterwards.

If you’re using strips outdoors or where they will be splashed with water, then you need to select our Integral LED strips with an IP67 rating - this means they’ll work even in a wet environment because they are protected with a silicone gel. (Although they should never be continuously immersed in water).

In addition to the self-adhesive tape; Integral LED IP67 strips are also supplied with mounting clips to secure the strip. LED strips purely for use in dry areas indoors (cabinets, for example) require strips with a IP 33 rating.

One of the advantages of high-quality LED strips is that they work through a wide range of operating temperatures - in this case the typical operating temperature range is  -25C to +60C.

Number and Size of LEDs



Different types of light output are produced by varying the size, number and colour of LEDs on a strip. Integral LED strips are available with two sizes of LED:

35:28 – 3.5mm X 2.8mm LED - Subtle light - Ideal for most domestic situations for task or ambient lighting where observers are close e.g. ceiling coves, under-cabinets, on stairs and around windows

50:50 – 5.0mm X 5. LED - Bright light - 40% larger than 35:28 LEDs with a higher light output – Ideal for commercial or domestic use where the observer may be further away – e.g. high ceilings, used as a wall washer, outdoor lighting, ambient lighting for larger areas

In addition, you should consider the number of LEDs per metre. The more LEDs, the brighter the tape will be. So, for example, you would choose 30 LEDs per metre for atmospheric lighting - say in a bedroom or in an alcove. Where you want the LED Strips to also provide task or directional lighting (e.g. under kitchen cabinets) then please select 60 LEDs per metre.

The Colour of the LEDs in the LED Strip

This is the fun part:

Warm White - A warm, yellow colour - ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways

Cool White - A white with a blue tone colour - ideal for kitchens, workshops and bathrooms and task lighting

RGB - Colour changing LED Strips where you can pick exactly the colour effect you want and/or change it according to your mood or the occasion.

Single Colours (Red, Green and Blue) - select an accent colour to add a bold element to your lighting scheme.