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SOORA High CRI LED Bulbs now in stock

How many LED bulbs companies can boast that they were co-founded by a Nobel Laureate? However, everything about Soraa LED bulbs is impressive: from their high CRI of 95, to their innovative engineering approach.   Retro Bulbs is proud to sell SORAA LED bulbs in the UK. Co-founded by Nobel Laureate, Shuji Nakamura, who was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for his invention of the blue light emitting diode (LED), SOORA LED bulbs can be found in the V&A, Olympic Cauldron at the Museum of London and in upscale restaurants and shops throughout Europe and North America.  ...

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Be a Light Bulb Geek - know your Watts and Lumens

We’re all used to  choosing our light bulbs by Watts (W). The Watt is a measurement of how much energy a  bulb or luminaire uses. Informally, Watts have been used to describe how bright a bulbs is - a 50W bulb being chosen for task lighting and 15W for decorative lighting, etc.   In reality, incandescent lighting has always been hugely inefficient - with only 10% of the energy ever converting to light. Nevertheless, Watts have driven our choice of light bulb.   However, with new lighting technology (such as the filament LED bulbs sold here on Retro Bulbs) Watts...

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Fairy Lights aren’t just for Christmas.

If you’ve ever visited America or Canada, you’ll notice how fairy lights are used all year round to decorate the porches, gates and trees of their beautiful homes. Unlike here in the UK, where fairy lights have strictly been just for Christmas - our North American cousins are driving the use of fairy and strip lights to create ambience and beauty year round.     I remember walking around a little town in the Napa Valley last year and looking longingly at a white-boarded porch lit up with warm white LED bulbs while a adirondack swing danced underneath. Returning via San...

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Hospitality Saves by Switching to LED Switch to LED Bulbs - how much can you save?

Becoming more “green” is one of those unusual areas in life where the payback benefits both the individual and society. For the hospitality industry, however, where bulbs are left on for long periods every day of the week - switching to LED bulbs can be the difference between making a profit and not.   An average branded restaurant will use 40 halogen or incandescent bulbs, often rated at 40W each. If these are on for eight hours per day, then the restaurant is paying almost £65 per month to their electricity supplier.  Switching to 4.5W LED bulbs will reduce that...

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The Great Interior Design Challenge - Daniella uses LED Strips

Did you watch BBC Two’s The Great Interior Design Challenge this week? The two contestants were in Worsley, near Salford, each decorating two rooms in a mock Tudor home. Eventual winner, Daniella, incorporated LED strips in to her scheme for a sleek, French-style sitting room. The LED strips were glued within a pelmet that hid gorgeous, sheer drapes. Once on, they gave the room a sophisticated accent. The challenge didn’t all go smoothly, however, as Daniella failed to calculate the length of LED tape/strip needed and so was unable to add the LED strips to alcoves and bookshelves as planned....

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