Hospitality Saves by Switching to LED Switch to LED Bulbs - how much can you save?

Becoming more “green” is one of those unusual areas in life where the payback benefits both the individual and society. For the hospitality industry, however, where bulbs are left on for long periods every day of the week - switching to LED bulbs can be the difference between making a profit and not.


An average branded restaurant will use 40 halogen or incandescent bulbs, often rated at 40W each. If these are on for eight hours per day, then the restaurant is paying almost £65 per month to their electricity supplier.  Switching to 4.5W LED bulbs will reduce that electricity bill to just £7.50. LED bulbs do cost more than halogen or incandescent - but they last up to 30,000 hours (compared to about 1,000 hours). Even with the increased purchase price, the bulbs will pay for themselves in less than four months and save more than £200 in their first year of operation alone.


However, it’s not just money that counts when your business is all about creating an ambience where your customers can relax, forge positive memories and enjoy themselves. Too often, LED bulbs have been criticised for their dull colour rendition and ugly aesthetics that can ruin a dining experience. Furthermore, poor quality, unbranded bulbs have not always retrofitted in to existing dimming or lighting control circuits.


Nowadays that has changed - filament and vintage bulbs from Retro Bulbs have CRI (colour rendition values) up to 90 - meaning that they give a warm, golden glow. LED filament bulbs add structure to your decorative scheme and can be combined with functional, task lighting from GU10 LED spotlights to create a complete, energy-saving scheme. And, because we sell only trusted brands, you can retrofit our hand-picked bulbs straight in to your existing fittings and dimming circuits.


We are very happy to offer free energy-saving surveys, lighting design and provide samples of our bulbs to those in the hospitality business. Please just call us for more information.

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