SOORA High CRI LED Bulbs now in stock

How many LED bulbs companies can boast that they were co-founded by a Nobel Laureate? However, everything about Soraa LED bulbs is impressive: from their high CRI of 95, to their innovative engineering approach.


Retro Bulbs is proud to sell SORAA LED bulbs in the UK. Co-founded by Nobel Laureate, Shuji Nakamura, who was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for his invention of the blue light emitting diode (LED), SOORA LED bulbs can be found in the V&A, Olympic Cauldron at the Museum of London and in upscale restaurants and shops throughout Europe and North America.


We recommend the selection of SORAA LED bulbs when you care particularly about CRI (colour rendition index). SORAA bulbs have CRIs that match those of halogen and so food, artefacts, skin tone are all replicated faithfully.


In addition to an exemplary build quality, SORAA LED lamps offer a very high light output in a small form factor. This is due to Soraa’s unique GaN on GaN (Gallium Nitride on Gallium Nitride) material, which allows reliable operation at very high current densities.


SORAA’s LED products can also tolerate much higher temperatures than traditional LEDs, enabling a more compact and elegant lamp design, passively cooled, that produces light output that can match the brightest halogen lamps available.

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