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Today, lighting is a central element to creating outstanding hospitality experiences. In hotels, guests want a luxury home-away-from home feeling in the bedrooms, while public spaces such as restaurants and bars need to create atmosphere and deliver a sense of occasion. 

Take Design To The Next Level

Apart from their visible filament, what sets these bulbs apart is their gorgeous shapes. The classic teardrop form will always be popular, but Retro Bulbs take this aesthetic to the next level with giant spherical bulbs or over-sized tubes and tear drops that can be hung in dramatic clusters.

Many of our filament bulbs are also available in a choice of finish - so you can select a rustic, golden hue for intimate dining spaces. And with consumers increasingly looking to work informally from break-out spaces and coffee shops, our clear filament bulbs provide great light and instant retro character.


All are engineered to be retrofit in to your existing light fittings - so you can swap out your old bulbs and achieve a design-led interior in less than an hour.


Performance, Sustainability and Cost Savings


A quick glance down inside any premium hospitality space in London will confirm that top hotels and restaurants have eagerly adopted the filament bulb. However, most of these will use energy-hungry incandescent- technology. 


Not only are these expensive to run, but they are hot to the touch (and therefore not suitable for use close to customers) and require replacing every few months. However, hoteliers have been reluctant to shift to LED bulbs as these have never delivered a warm ambience, nor successfully replicated the look of a glowing filament. 


In terms of cost savings, an LED filament bulb will provide a 90% energy saving and a bulb that lasts up to 15 times longer than its incandescent counterpart. Not only will the new bulbs payback their purchase price in months, but they will reduce the headache of ordering and replacing bulbs every few months. Finally, they make a strong statement about your establishment's commitment to sustainability.

Your Supply Partner

Part of one of the UK’s longest established and most respected electrical retailers, Retro Bulbs hold huge stocks and can deliver the next day across the UK. For hospitality businesses, we are happy to offer no-obligation, complimentary energy saving calculations, trade accounts and samples.