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LED Filament Bulbs - how much can you save?

Efforts to re-create the look of an Edison-type light bulb with LED technology, have redoubled in the last year due to a new EU law that banned the manufacture or import of incandescent bulbs in February 2016. Until recently, sales of incandescent filament bulbs have dominated the market. However, with even an average-sized installation using at least 20 filament bulbs rated at 50W each, the incandescent versions result in huge energy bills and are not compatible with today’s drive to reduce energy costs. In contrast, the LED bulbs here at Retro Bulbs use (on average) four watts of energy, and –...

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What is CRI (Colour Rendering Index) and what does it mean for choosing filament bulbs?

In the rush to manufacture LED bulbs, most mass manufacturers forgot to ask questions about light quality – instead shouting about long lifespans and rock bottom purchase prices. One of the factors affecting how your interiors look is the CRI (or colour-rendering index) of your lamps or bulbs. In simple terms, CRI is the ability of your bulbs to show colour naturally and in a realistic manner. The higher the CRI, the more your fabrics and furniture, food and faces look warm and bright. With low CRIs the natural visible spectrum of light is rendered incompletely and the result is...

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Warm, Amber or Smokey? What Bulb Colour or Finish is Right for Me?

The Colour Temperature of an LED bulb is most often described in one of three colours: Warm White, Cool White and Daylight. This colour temperature is due to the type of LED chips used . However, when choosing decorative filament bulbs the colour temperature and ambience of the bulb will be further affected by whether the bulb has an additional coating or finish. Firstly, lets understand colour temperatures: Warm White is usually used in domestic or hospitality settings and is the colour associated with a traditional halogen bulb. If you are looking for a warm feel or to replace the...

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